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For many of us, there's no better place to be than on a swivel chair at a sports bar watching the game and shooting the breeze about the action and plays. With On the Swivel at the Sportsbar, a sports bar website based in Hillside, New Jersey, you will be able to find the best sports bars in the country, so you do not miss that game or the chatter.

Sports Bar Specifics
Visit this site to find the best sports bars around the country, whether it's down the street, across town, or across the country. Never miss a game when you're on the road and never miss the game talk. Our mission is to let you know where you can go to see football, basketball, and mixed martial arts.

The idea came from the owner's recent trip to Vermont during football season. The only thing he could think about was finding a good sports bar to watch the game. He believes he's not alone as sports makes connections between people near and far.

We divide the country into regions and then give ratings based on amenities, such as:

 • Type of TV Screens
 • How Many TVs
 • Number of Games on at 1 Time
 • Sports Packages—NFL, NBA, MLB, MMA
 • Private Areas for Parties or a Separate
    Room for Your Favorite Team
 • Food
 • Hours of Operation
 • Liquor Bar or Strictly Beer
 • Size of the Bar
 • Size of Seating Area

Contact our sports bars website, so you can locate the best sports bars in any town to which you travel.